How to analyze if your social networks are working?

Have presence within social networks has gone from being an option, to ato obligation in recent years. The fingerprint that we project is present on the network And this means that at a business level we have to invest time and resources in the image we give through social networks. But… How to analyze if your social networks are working? We tell you what you need to know to have a plan social media effective.

What are company social networks for?

First of all we want to highlight that companies that decide to have social profiles (which are already most of them), usually open these profiles with a wrong target. It is It is very common to think that social networks will bring an economic return to the company by connecting with the public in a more direct way. But truly the objective of social networks is more advertising what a marketinian. This means that seek to create a reaction in the receiver of the message rather than a measurable conversion through visible results.

It is also very common that companies self-manage their social networks waiting for results that are not real, or setting unattainable goals. In this case and in many others, the ideal is to have a team of professionals who carry out an examination of our competence and our presence on the web in order to set consistent goals.

Are your social networks working?

To know if our social media posts are generating the right reaction, we have to follow several steps to analyze our content correctly.

Use the metrics and analysis of the networks themselves

Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn have their own audience measurement tools, of user interactions with the content and of visits or visualization of the publications. This can give us a global vision of what type of content is working best and where are the centers of interest of our social media audience.

Of course, in order to have coherent data that can be reflected is a statistical analysis with some weight, you have to wait patiently and take representative time samples. At least you should let go a minimum of 3 months to know if a type of content is working, what days of the week the information moves better and about what hours it is better to publish.

Make an editorial calendar

To have content with consistency within our social media profiles, you have to make an editorial calendar about 15 days ahead. You can make a general quarterly or monthly calendar, and then go through the individual publications for the next two weeks.

The reason for doing this is that we have to be proactive and make our content coherent, but taking into account that we are in the age of immediacy, and There can be very abrupt changes at present that can affect the quality of our publications. For example, if we leave all the publications scheduled for the next three months, but an unforeseen event arises today that changes the paradigm and the centers of public interest, we lose all that work we have done. This is why the best option is go ahead a few days only, since it is easier that way get the forecasts right.

Create content marketing

This strategy is often used for many things in the business communication, Well, a good content marketing strategy is capable of achieving expand the target audience and attack the centers of interest to retain customers.

Content marketing is about doing an analysis of the audience that we have and their interests and hobbies. Once this analysis is done, posts focus on giving useful information on these interests, so that the user who visits the networks always takes something relevant from our social profiles.

Analyze the competition

This point is especially important, Well, analyzing the competition gives us many communication advantages. It is also capable of giving us clues about what information is working and how we can better reach our audience. The Competitor analysis provides a long list of advantages:

  • References and sources of inspiration that will help you when you need it
  • Knowledge of the public sharper lens
  • Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the competition and your own communication strategy
  • You will have a general objective view of your audience
  • It will propel you to continuously improve and to achieve a constant evolution

With these simple steps, we can have a complete vision of social media strategy that we are carrying out and how it could be improved. Despite this, it is always recommended leave this work in the hands of professionals.

In On the road we like meticulously analyze each particular case, Y elevate our clients' social networks to the next level.

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