Achieve success as an exhibitor at international fairs and events

Make your company stand out from the rest by designing a tailor-made trade fair marketing plan. 

We know that participation as an exhibitor in a fair, congress or event requires a high financial investment. Getting a good space with open corners, the decoration of the stand, the movement of staff, all the necessary graphic and audiovisual material are items that involve a significant investment. 

Design the strategic plan before, during and after the event

If all these actions are accompanied by a good strategic plan before, during and after the event, this will generate business opportunities for you. 

Participation as an exhibitor in any event in your sector is a powerful strategic communication tool. Event marketing seeks to create experiences that capture all our senses to fully connect with the brand. 

We invite you to plan ahead of time your participation in any of the events in your sector. It is important to design an annual or biannual calendar that includes all the events, fairs and conferences in which you are going to participate and plan all the phases in each of them.

  1. Recruitment of space. The sooner you do it you will have more options to get a good location
  2. Booth decoration. Request several budgets for decoration. With time everything gets better. That the decorating company manages to capture your idea is important to translate it into your stand. 
  3. Products to be exhibited. Plan all the products, equipment and machines that you want to display at the stand in a task that requires foresight. The products may have to be manufactured, placed on suitable supports so that they can be displayed in a professional manner. 
  4. Transport. Hiring adequate transportation for these products. Define the days of loading at the factory and unloading at the fair. They are small details that make your event go smoothly. 
  5. Hotel and travel booking. Displace staff. This forecast to manage hotel reservations with time will help you save money. On fair days, accommodation rates are doubled, so booking in advance is an option to consider.
  6. Manage all the services offered by the fair itself. It is important to design the checklist so that we do not miss anything. Request for invitations, exhibitor passes and assembly passes, hiring of light points, electrical panels, furniture, hostesses. Etc. 
  7. Thank all visitors for their visit to the stand.

At On The Road Marketing we help you to make your participation as an exhibitor a success

As in all events sectors, there are also trends, novelties and many alternatives that can make your event memorable.

If you need us to help you with the management of your participation in any congress, fair or international event, do not hesitate to contact us.

We put at your disposal everything you need to make your participation as an exhibitor a success.

We help you with:

  • Space contracting.
  • Hiring the design and assembly of your stand.
  • We manage the transport of goods for the exhibition.
  • We carry out the necessary personnel management for your participation.
  • Catering contract, ham cutter.
  • Flyer design.
  • Hiring activities to develop within the stand.
  • Hiring services at fair.
  • Recommendations and contracting of accommodation.

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