The creative process and its 6 stages

Today we come to talk about a topic very important in the digital marketing sector and everything that has to do with communication. The creative process and its 6 stages.

We start at the beginning the concept of creativity. There are people who are creative from birth, and countless definitions of this word. Some say that creativity is intelligence having fun, that a creative adult is a child who refused to grow up, or that creativity consists of putting different solutions to problems that we frequently experience.

All of this may be perfectly true, but what is true is that the creative process has several phases, that are often not seen, and their execution is what determines that a solution succeeds or stay by the wayside.

The creative process phase by phase

To think

As expected this is the very first step of all. To think, and above all ask ourselves many questions, question everything.  What do we want to do? Where does our idea come from? What needs will it respond to? Is there currently a reference that we can take into account? How it will be? What other ideas could be complemented? When we start to Give answer to these questions, we will outline the concept of the idea we have in mind.

To plan

At this point you have to take paper and pen, an agenda, a calendar or a whiteboard and start making a map of how the process of creating our work will be. Depending on the project that we are designing, an estimated duration of each phase can be established, or not. In the case of digital creation of any kind, it is difficult to calculate the time that he is going to invest in each thing, because Problems or setbacks may arise that greatly delay us in delivering parts.

The idea here is structure the project as much as possible and divide it into small steps that can be more approachable. We should not stress, well It all depends on what way of working we have.

The creative process and its 6 stages

To experience

A good brainstorming Regarding the way of doing things, it can help us here, the winning horse is always the one that goes out on the track for the first time. Namely, you have to try things that have not been done, novelties, combinations that seem risky to us. And in this way we will be able to arrive at answers that we would not have arrived at without this phase of experimentation. We always have an apprenticeship, whether of what can or cannot be done.

To create

Moment of stain hands. It depends on the project we are creating, we will have to start one way or another, but here is the key to the creative process. Following the previous phases correctly, this is the time to enjoy. The creative process is something that fills and excites, in many cases, the creators and recipients of the designed messages.


Always this is usually the step that gives more laziness, but it is necessary like all the others. Many times the creation of a project takes days, weeks or even months. And all the content we have must be checked for errors for later correction. Surely the initial idea on which we started to work has nothing to do with the final result. For this reason, an exhaustive review must be carried out to correct errors that may have appeared, and especially to provide coherence to the entire project.


This step is fundamental in the era of marketing 2.0, share and publicize what we do, in a way that serves as example and inspiration for other future projects, and have a good fingerprint of our work.

Social networks, blogs, web pages or any audiovisual platform are good allies to share our art, reach as many people as possible and create a good portfolio you never know when we will need you.

In On the road we are committed to all our projects, and our company philosophy consists of providing the maximum professionalism and enthusiasm for all our clients. Therefore we enjoy the creative process and we share it from the first moment with the client, and later, with the world.  

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